GS 200

GS 200

The New Dimension in Cleaning

Ready to use, waterbased cleaner operates in a natural way. Based on renewable raw materials the cleaner is characterized by a high solvent power. It will remove cracking, persistent greases, anti-rust waxes, adhesive residues, bitumen, tectyl, silicone, sealing compounds, rubber and many more. It is the effective alternative to solvents containing VOC and/or irritant substances.

  • VOC-free, non-inflammable
  • High flash point (~ 100 °C) enhances safty during application
  • No subject to mandatory labelling in accordance with EU directives
  • Very economical, avery thin layer will be sufficient
  • Excellent cleaning effect also in the cold
  • Pleasant scent

Fields of use:

  • Just spray it on thinly and wipe it off with an absorbent cloth after a short eyposure period
  • Can be used in immersion processes
  • Dissolves extrme contaminations
  • Due to its chemical properties GS 200will evaporate more slowly than conventional solvents

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Available container sizes:

500ml PET bottle with trigger spray
10-litre jerrycan
30-litre jerrycan
200-litre drum
1000-litre IBC